Lion (comic) Annual 1966. Hard cover.

Front hard cover Lion (comic) Annual 1966.

Read about the wartime adventures of Parry Payne, Facts and Fish, High Speed Battle Boat specifications, and tales such as A Disgrace to the Legion.

Well illustrated in the comic sense, and with multi page articles of pure text. Good reads for developing reading skills in young people.

Two sections in colour. The rest in black and white.

Pages are in good order, but the spine is fragile. Hence yellowed sellotape fitted in the late 1960’s to maintain integrity.

Price $20 NZ

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Contents and page numbers Lion (comic) Annual 1966.
Paddy Payne comic section in colour of Lion (comic) Annual 1966.
Back cover Lion (comic) Annual 1966.
Back cover (identical to the front). Note yellowed sellotape on the spine edge.

By Fleetway Publications